Crom of Kassook

Half-orc barbarian/rogue


Crom was born in a tribal community of orcs in the western area of the rain forest known as Kassook. His mother was a “comfort woman” that had been kidnapped from a neighboring human settlement. The offspring from the raping were usually grouped together into one home. the lowest caste of the community would care for them. these kids never really new much family, their human mother never cared to or was allowed to see the half-orc children. There was no way of pinning down who the father was, the care-taker was usually the closest thing any of them had to a family. there were usually about 12 kids living in the house at any given moment, once they were old enough to be of use, they were usually sold off as slaves or taken to the fighting pits. Crom’s earliest and most tragic memory is of one of his half-brothers/only friend being removed from the home and sold into slavery, not long after Crom was chosen for the fighting pits. Being a large teen he did well, after several years of fighting he broke free and swore he never wanted to see his tribe ever again.

Because of his treatment he has a deep-seated hatred for full blooded Orcs and a desire to do what he sees to be the right thing. Although a little quick to action and prone to a berserker rage, he can stray from the path of good sometimes.

He decided around his 20th year, to travel the world. to see as much of the world as he can. To live as full of a life as possible. Always looking to see new things, he is usually up for new adventures. Once he was lured into a trap by a community of Evil Fairies, he barely escaped with his life but he slew every last one of the evil fae, fashioning their skulls in to a necklace.
Crom see’s becoming a hero-for-hire as an excuse to see more of the world. to adventure and collect a treasure. He is not afraid of death but rather afraid of living a dull life. His life long goal is to not die with in 100 miles of his birth home.

Crom of Kassook

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