Vasu Proudforge

Noble-born adventure-seeking warrior


Vasu comes from a long line of nobility; his father is a high ranking political figure (you can decide actual political hierarchy monarchy/democracy/etc and his actual position) of the human island/establishment off the coast. Vasu is not the eldest son, but has a good relationship with his father and family. Vasu has had access to all possible privileges in life, focused primarily on militaristic training and knowledge instead of political training (because of his succession position). Vasu is a classically trained swordsman and is considered one of the better on the human island.
While Vasu truly is one of the 1%, he feels like he wants to experience different things in life. He made the tough decision to leave his posh life to go to the big city. While his family wasn’t thrilled with his decision, they weren’t outright opposed to it either; his father believes it is just a “phase” and that he will be back soon. His father has family and friends all throughout the land (including the metropolis) and they can easily keep an eye on Vasu.
Since entering the big city, Vasu decided his military expertise would suit the merchant services company well and thought it would be an interesting experience (very naive). He isn’t sure about what his family would think about such a decision (since the politicians are naturally opposed to the guilds), but he doesn’t really care (I think an enemy could be created from this conflict).
Vasu is the definition of a wide-eyed, naive, pampered noble, but he is also quite open-minded and eager to prove he is different than what people would assume about him.


Vasu Proudforge

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