The Crucible

Ankhegs - Vultures - Mzali Carrion Tree - Ft. Kalabuto

The party set off across the Maneri Plains, hoping to shave time off their journey to Ft. Kalabuto. They were beset by ankhegs and giant vultures, and they came across a Mzali Carrion Tree, where a dozen corpses were hung and dark rituals enacted. The group cleansed the tree and moved on to Ft. Kalabuto, where they met up with Cheiton and learned that he is Ivan’s long-missed half-brother. They discovered that the Mapmakers Guild and the Aspis Consortium are both already in town. Their old friend Took showed up to warn them to watch their backs. Uh… we left it at Ivan and Krom scoping out the Mapmakers’ camp, planning to cause a ruckus, Syl and Vasu bedded down at Cheiton’s house, and Celeste headed back to the Shrunken Head to proselytize to the dancing ladies.



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